SPLENDID CHAOS is an agressive and high energy modern rock band based out of the Southeastern United States. The band formed mid-year 2000 and have been leaving their mark on various venues and stages across the country ever since.

In early 2010, Splendid Chaos released the much anticipated CD titled "Burn It Down". The CD was produced by Matt LaPlant who has also produced record selling CDs for other popular rock bands such as Nonpoint and Skindred. The entire CD is very well written and produced with 4 or 5 potential singles including the title track "Burn It Down", the crossover song "Memory", the blood pumping song "Energy", and the rock anthem "Come And Get It". The band is currently shopping the album to a number of record companies and will hopefully land a new home soon.

Please enjoy the website and welcome to the entertaining world of SPLENDID CHAOS!

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That's right! The highly anticipated new CD is now released and available. You can pick up a copy at any Splendid Chaos show, or you can visit the Splendid Chaos store at Reverb Nation and order a copy there. We had a lot of fun recording this CD and a very proud of the results. We hope you will like it as well and as always, Thanks for your continued support!


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We are excited and anxious to get the new Splendid Chaos Street Team up and going. We would like for any of you interested in helping the band reach new heights to sign up below for the street team. We are going to make this fun for everyone involved and it also gives us yet another way to interact with you guys and gals. Once we get a core group of people signed up, we will begin to launch street team missions as well as contests. Once again, this will be fun for everyone and we want you involved in the growth of the band. Please take just a moment to sign up.

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